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Papi's Expenses - Episode #184

Coté & Charles Lowell — DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast


It’s episode #184 of the Drunk and Retired Podcast, audio only this episode. We talk about expenses, what it says about trusting your employees (or not!), and much more, like LISP, I think.

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This is a classic Sterling, cyber-noir line… Describing and then confirming an everyday, banal artifact, sort of hooked up to his desires to see the works through the eyes of design. Usually the snarky point is: no one thought this through, so there it is.

From Love is Strange.


So excited for the sports this weekend!


So excited for the sports this weekend!

"All these goats are retarded!" I was in Palo Alto last week, and I kept seeing These Guys (the Greg Sniper’s) commuting to work.

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  • Pickle Jar Pooping - we used to do good podcasts
  • Still better than half the stuff out there - yes!
  • The last time we talked about “enterprise software,” episode 169.